The name of your CTF event/workshop
Description for the CTF

Controls whether users join together in teams to play (Team Mode) or play as themselves (User Mode)
Visibility Settings
Control the visibility of different sections of CTFd

Control whether users must confirm their email addresses before participating
Amount of users per team (Teams mode only) Optional.
Your username for the administration account
Your email address for the administration account
Your password for the administration account
Logo to use for the website instead of a CTF name. Used as the home page button. Optional.
Banner to use for the homepage. Optional.
favicon used in user's browsers. Only PNGs accepted. Must be 32x32px. Optional.
CTFd Theme to use. Can be changed later.
Color used by theme to control aesthetics. Requires theme support. Optional.
Time when your CTF is scheduled to start. Optional.
Time when your CTF is scheduled to end. Optional.

MajorLeagueCyber Integration

MajorLeagueCyber (MLC) is a cyber security event tracker written and maintained by the developers of CTFd. Set up MLC integration to:

  • display your event on the MLC website and mailing list
  • share and track participant statistics
  • provide live updates in team Slack or Discord groups
  • archive challenges, team participation & more